The Casino Experience – A Gambling Feast For the Senses


The word Casino, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a public place where games of chance are played.” Casinos often add luxuries such as food, free drinks and stage shows to attract players. But even more basic places that house gambling activities could still be called casinos.

Stepping into a casino is like stepping into an alternate reality – it’s a visual and experiential feast for the senses. You’ll see flashing lights, the clinking of slot reels and tables, laughter from the crowds and a general air of excitement.

The thrill of winning is a key component to the casino experience. From the beginning, film makers have used casino scenes to capture the excitement of gambling. Whether it’s a hero hitting a Blackjack table or a lucky slot machine winner, we see the thrill of winning in films of all genres.

Traditionally, casino marketing has relied heavily on demographics. But while a person’s age, income and education are useful indicators of their spending habits, they don’t tell you why a person is visiting your casino.

You need to differentiate your brand and create a bond with the player that is based on trust. Then you can start earning loyalty in the long run. Promotions that highlight gaming advantages are important to table and slot players alike – 100X odds at Craps, early surrender at Blackjack, 3 for 2 – 21 payoffs, etc. But these messages compete with the instantaneous free play reward messaging that dominates today’s casino advertising.